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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Latest Update!!!! (8 August 2010)


Ray- Ban is the global
leader in the premium eye wear market and by far the best selling eyewear brand in the world.



Thanks to all of supporter for
kedairayban.blogspot and kedai rayban online at FACEBOOK...Now all of u can find more New Model Of Ray-Ban at Kedai Rayban Online...Just click at the badge....u will see all of Ray-Ban Product......

Now...for this month kedaira
yban .blogspot and kedai rayban online will organize one contest for all of supporter...just wait for official date to start the contest....

For ur infomation....Wayfarer Jackie a.k.a Wayfarer 2143 available now...wayfarer 2140 also available..

Grab now!!!!


ATTENTION!!!!...This Month Promotion
(From 1st August 2010 to 31st August 2010)

Buy 2 Pairs Free Courier To Your Door Home


U get less RM5 for 2 pairs of Ray Ban u buy with


Diamond hard B&L USA Anti Scratch Protection
Coming Soon


Ray Ban Craft Leather Edition
Already Arrived!!!!!....Grab For Your Own Collection....

This Product Already arrived and all of fans of Ray Ban can grab
for your own collections..
thanks to
Fikrich a.k.a Spoonbob


UPDATED LINK (8 August 2010)
For Order Please Call
Fikrich : 013.392.2289
Miyuki : 017.655.6837

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